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Migrate Pi image to larger Sd card

I needed to migrate Pi image to a larger SD card. Once PyCharm starts syncing to use a remote interpreter, I found 8Gb was running too low to run updates.

Fortunately, from this post, there’s a handy utility on the Pi – SD Card Copier.

Passwordless SSH access is convenient, especially as everything is on my local network. I only really access the Pi remotely and you can configure it to use RSA keys. I’m on Ubuntu Linux so open a terminal and create an RSA key (if you don’t have one):

ssh-keygen -t rsa

You’ll need to upload it to the Pi:

ssh-copy-id username@ip_address

Now because I can’t be bothered to remember IP addresses, I added a line to /etc/hosts:

ip_address     raspi

That means that I need to add a more specific entry to the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file to allow for the IP address and name:

ssh-keyscan -Ht rsa raspi,ip_address >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

You’ll be asked for a password to unlock the keyring in Ubuntu when you first login but otherwise that’s you with passwordless ssh! You’ll need a static IP address. I couldn’t be bothered messing about with it personally so left the Pi using Dynamic IP allocation and set my router to always give the same address.

ssh session
Passwordless SSH all working!

PyCharm Professional

PyCharm Professional offers a free student license – which is handy as it supports a remote interpreter over SSH. It also has a Linux version!

Developing for Raspberry Pi is fun but developing on Pi is on the sluggish side. So I just use a text editor, making me less productive. Being able to develop on my laptop then execute on the Pi is great – code completion, VCS, highlighting and debugging all available!

Configuration is easy too. Setup Pi for SSH then add the remote interpreter in PyCharm.

PyCharm Professional

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